Vercel + Notion

My Notion Blog

Blazing Fast Notion Blog with Next.js' SSG

Blazing fast

JAMstack based

Always available


Incremental SSG

MIT Licensed

Edit via Notion

Great scores

This is a statically generated Next.js site with a Notion powered blog that is deployed with Vercel. It leverages some upcoming features in Next.js like SSG support and built-in CSS support which allow us to achieve all of the benefits listed above including blazing fast speeds, great local editing experience, and always being available!

Get started by creating a new page in Notion and clicking the deploy button below. After you supply your token and the blog index id (the page's id in Notion) we will automatically create the table for you! See here in the readme for finding the new page's id. To get your token from Notion, login and look for a cookie under with the name `token_v2`. After finding your token and your blog's page id you should be good to go!